As most people in our field, I’m using Google Docs on a daily basis. Writing drafts for blog posts, collaborating with colleagues and employees, build outlines for presentations – You name it.

And I always add images. Always.

Thing is, while you can use the text you write anywhere else, the images are STUCK in Google Docs. I would expect it to be downloadable and shareable like it is in PowerPoint, but No.

Downloading images

This was seriously the bane of my existence. If you want to see a grown man cry, send him a google doc and ask him to export a jpg from it.

Anyway, I can finally say this problem is solved. And to save you all from having to endure this terrible pain again, here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the doc and scroll down to the image you want to export
  2. Click CMD+ALT+I (on Windows F12)
  3. Click on the arrow in the top left of the newly docked inspect element window (this lets you select and element on the screen and see it’s HTML highlighted)
  4. Select the text that follows after the “xhref” on the element
  5. Open a new browser tab and paste this value in the URL
  6. Voila! Image appears and just right click and save as to download it

You’re welcome.

Your business partners, spouses, friends are all welcome too, for restoring your sanity.


Check out this great post from our friends at BetterCloud showing How to Search For (and Add) Free Images Right Within Google Docs.