Churn, as in many cases and as well in mailing lists, is a huge pain.

You can work as hard as you want on your content and on your distribution, but if your bucket is leaking and you are bleeding subscribers with every email you send, you should take this as seriously as you’re taking your growth rate.

After all, reducing churn serve the same growth KPI as increasing subscriber rate.

Subscribers and conversions - unsubscribers = growth

Conversions (CR%) – Churn% = Growth %

So we’re taking our unsubscribers as seriously as our subscribers.

We try to provide our subscribers with the best actionable content, so there’s no better way for us to learn how to improve than to ask our unsubscribers for honest feedback.


“Why did you unsubscribe?”

This is how to bring back unsubscribers to your email list:

  1. Email them personally as close as possible from your private email and ask them politely why did they decide to unsubscribe from the list and ask for candid feedback.
  2. After they’ll answer, address their concerns and answer any question they’ll ask and remark they’ll make.
  3. Watch 90% of them subscribe again.

For example:

Goodbye Email Template  -  How to reduce unsubscriptions


I just reached out to one of the subscribers that decided to check out. I asked him like a human being and not as an automatic voice.

Goodbye Email Template  -  How to deal with unsubscriptions


In this case he didn’t even know he unsubscribed!

Another example:

Goodbye Email Template  -  How to fight unsubscriptions

This user apparently only subscribed himself to the list for getting one of our freebies.

However, the personal and authentic interaction pushed him to become a real subscriber that is also invested in what we have to say.

Goodbye Email Template  -  How to reduce unsubscriptions  and get them back


Another point to take into account is that even if you won’t succeed in convincing people to come back to your list, the feedback you’re getting from your subscribers that cared enough to unsubscribe, and are willing to share with you the reasons is priceless.

So to sum things up –

Reducing subscriber churn will benefit with the same increase in growth as succeeding in improving your CR or content engagement.

People want to be treated as human beings and not as “users” or “subs”.

The best way for you to improve is by talking to people who tried your product and decided they don’t care anymore. They will provide the best authentic feedback.

Getting these people to care again will make be better at what you do.

So go ahead and win your unsubscribers back right now. They will eventually become your most loyal users.