There is a noticeable barrier between the happy-happy-joy-joy discussions about startup culture and the actual cold, hard numbers that drive success.

Many entrepreneurs will gladly share the secrets behind their company’s unique culture, talk about the process of raising money and show you every detail about their product.

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Cool Company Culture

However, if you want to learn about the day to day activities that got these companies to where they are in the first place – like the thought process behind the product pricing, what KPIs helped the company keep it’s strong culture and how the marketing team is able to keep up with the increasing demand of the SDR team, well, this may be a bit more difficult to get answers to.

It’s not as sexy and way more complicated, but these are the REAL secrets to any company’s success. The numbers behind the execution.

And this is why we started HackingRev. Our goal is to share knowledge about the operational part behind building a successful and predictable business online. We’re here to share with you our journey of learning to execute.

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Don’t be that guy

We will share with you the insights from our own and our mentor’s experience of building, optimizing and scaling products online. From recommending about the best tools to use, reviewing and comparing solutions, building tutorials and hacking some free stuff just for you. 

In addition, we will share each week a newsletter with all the websites, mobile apps and specific links that inspired us and helped us be better at what we do. We believe it will do the same for you.

We know how hard it is doing that thing you’re doing. We’re doing the same thing. We hope that our efforts and work will expedite your learning and personal improvement process. Let us do the searching and you keep doing what you are doing best – Get shit done.

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