Email is the single most effective online marketing channel today.

It took a while, but not a lot of people still question email for being the marketing channel with the highest ROI out there.

The reason is, that with email, you as a marketer or a business owner get to engage with your audience, in their personal inbox while they are receptive to your message. This type of connection is extremely hard to create artificially in any other medium.

Email Advertising and Marketing ROI

Source: Adobe, McKinsey & Company

When you send an email to your audience, you use a simple formula of human behavior:

Familiarity + Consistency =  Trust

Your audience knows you and knows what you stand for. They opted into your list so they expect to hear from you in this specific medium. When you communicate with them in the way they opted into, they trust you. It doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily listen, but you are a familiar and trusted voice. And in marketing, trust is everything.

Now, this refers to email marketing to your already acquired audience, clients or prospects.

However, it is still possible to leverage the effectiveness of email marketing even if you don’t have any audience yet.

Imagine having the benefit of email marketing without having to spend a fortune on acquiring email addresses,  email servers, ESP services, email marketing experts and so on.

Advertising in Newsletters is the answer.

Newsletters are making a huge comeback in recent years. There are more and more newsletters out there – from the biggest publishers in the world to small up and coming targeted publishers. Savvy marketers are taking advantage of this, as newsletters offer the highest engagement and targeting capabilities.

Brands from across the board use Newsletter Marketing to generate demand and acquire more and more paying customers.

Casper, Hired, J.Crew, Invision, HBO and Thousands of other brands are using this method every day and you probably should too.

Newsletter Examples

So why are they investing heavily in newsletters? Why not keep focusing on Facebook ads, Display or any other familiar paid online marketing channel out there?

The 4 main reasons for advertising in newsletters

Our inbox is where we spend the most time

Where people spend time online

Source: Adobe, LiveIntent

The audience of email newsletters is more engaged

Most newsletter publishers have a very intimate understanding of their audience behavior, likes, dislikes and what will work for which brand. It’s a medium where direct response and connection with your audience is everything, which is why it’s the most engaging medium.

Advertising in newsletters is (still) a lot cheaper

There isn’t a lot of underpriced inventory in our industry. The combination of a paid message, but delivered by someone your audience actually wants to listen to, is rare and can be compared only to influencer marketing, which is overpriced nowadays.

Fraud is almost impossible (200 times less likely)

It’s way easier to measure deliverability, ROI and performance when advertising in email. There is only one place to read your ad – the inbox. There are no ad hijackings, fake clicks, bounced visits or anything of that sort. You know exactly how many people are going to get your message, you know the open rate (exposure) and you know the CTR (performance). That’s it. Simple. No BS.

Fraud Clicks - Industry Average: 30% Regular Traffic vs. 0.2% Email

Why aren’t everyone already advertising in newsletters?

The short answer is lack of supply from the publisher side and lack of knowledge from the advertiser side.

The long version is that as in everything in the advertising world, the early days are just for those who know what to look for.

There aren’t too many newsletters that will take your ad and some of the highest quality ones will screen for advertisers they want to work with. Why? Because they can and they are THAT impactful.

On top of that, most advertisers are not fully aware of the benefits of advertising in newsletters and think email marketing is something of the past. They are swamped with the marketing channels they know instead of keeping their eyes open for the next opportunity. After all, this type of inventory is not featured in comScore, you can’t find it in DSPs and your average agency media planner won’t do the research you need to do in order to find these opportunities.

So how should I start advertising in newsletters?

Good news! I can help.

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