I just got this email, telling me that Shoeboxed just finished processing my documents. I used to work with them in the past, but I didn’t remember sending any docs lately and was intrigued.


So I went ahead to see what’s going on and this is what I saw:




Bastards! It’s a bait, hidden in a legitimate email, designed to bypass spam filters and get the user to read the message. Maliciously brilliant.


Maliciously brilliant fella

So what is it all about? The link is not even clickable (#fail), but because I’m obsessed with these kind of stuff, I went ahead and copied the link letter by letter. It took me to a scammy GET-RICH-FAST landing page, that is serving as an affiliate to a binary option website called “MillionairesBlueprint”.

Nothing too exciting.

Similarweb ScreenShot

Traffic Breakdown for MillionairesBlueprint in the last 6 months, showing 51.51% of their desktop traffic is from Affiliates Source: SimilarWeb Pro

And I thought I have seen them all… Can’t wait to see what other maliciously brilliant hacks they’ll come up next!